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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair & Giveaway

Good news for anyone with or without Kindle Unlimited: we have a fantasy and sci-fi book fair chock-full of awesome books that are paid, free, and on Kindle Unlimited!

Valkyrie Cursed is also taking part in this book fair as a featured new release, currently available on Kindle Unlimited (in case you missed the two hundred times I’ve already mentioned it).

There is also a giveaway in this book fair which could have a lucky winner receiving a Kindle Fire, a 1 month Owl Crate subscription, and a $10 Starbucks gift card. The giveaway is right at the bottom of the page, in case you’re looking for it, right past all the amazing books on display!

Some of the books in this book fair are straight-up free, not just free on Kindle Unlimited, and others are on KU and paid. It’s a mixed bag of great books, and if you haven’t checked out Valkyrie Cursed yet, this is a good chance to take a look.

The link to the book fair is a-right here, so if you’ve got a minute or two during the next month – this book fair is 35 days long – pop in and have a browse. There’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy in there somewhere, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway right at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading!

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