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Ink Witch – Book Review

Title: Ink Witch

Author: Lindsey Sparks

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars

The gods are gone. Her brother is missing. One retired assassin must confront her past to save his future…

Immortal Kat Dubois has traded in her sword for a flask. Hard drinking helps ease the grisly memories of her former trade: an assassin of immortals. She’s perfectly content to spend eternity in her Seattle tattoo parlor…until the mysterious disappearance of her brother finally brings her out of retirement.

With a charmed deck of tarot cards and her trusty sword, Kat sets off to track down her brother and save his soul. A wicked corporation and a laundry list of old rivals stand in the way of her quest. For someone with an eternity to live, Kat’s chances of unraveling the mystery become less likely with each passing second…”

* * *

My Review

Oh my goodness, I LOVED this book!

The Egyptian gods and magic really struck me as unique when I read the blurb before getting this book, and wow, did the author deliver! This is one of those rare books that carries you away in its current, doesn’t let you go, and you’re forever stuck in a sea of fandom.

Kat Dubois is a Nejeret, a magical being from Egyptian mythology with unusual powers. She is known in the local community as an “Ink Witch”, thanks to her reputation as a joint tattoo artist and fortune teller.

For years, Kat has isolated herself from her fellow Nejeret after retiring as an assassin years ago, until Nik shows up. Stuck at eighteen years old for the rest of her life, Kat has nothing on Nik who is thousands of years old and once shared his body with the soul of a god.

Nik and a local police officer, Garth, bring recent disappearances to Kat’s attention, many – if not all of them – Nejeret. Including Kat’s brother, Dom. When Kat’s tarot cards and illustrations magically change to direct her to where she might find her brother and the other kidnapped Nejeret, Kat discovers the company Ouroboros, and their interest in the Nejeret.

As Kat and Nik delve deeper into the mystery of where the Nejeret are and what Ouroboros wants with them, they discover that the enemy may have infiltrated their magical government, and even their close circle of friends and family.

The magic system in this world is so unique, even if it does get a little convoluted at times, but its a breath of fresh air in a genre that generally turns to Western mythology for its magic systems. A thoroughly unpredictable book, there was no telling what would come next, or who would turn out to be an enemy. The story kept me guessing, turning the pages, and desperate for book two.

The writing was amazing, the characters were varied and the complete opposite of cookie-cutter, and the story was an absolutely wild ride. Fans of urban fantasy with a strong female lead, a bit of sexual tension, and a whole bunch of mystery, will absolutely love this book!

Grab a copy of Ink Witch here if it sounds like your cup of tea!

Of course, Ink Witch has earned The Secret Library seal of approval:

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