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Acknowledging Small Milestones

I’m convinced that at least half of the small milestones we make, we barely notice. This is especially true if you’re an author/writer trying to improve your craft. Improvement in writing, especially our own, isn’t an exact science, though it’d be helpful if it were.

In the month of August so far, I’ve hit several small milestones that I’ve noticed. This realisation made me wonder how many that exist that I didn’t notice. (I’ll use those to justify the new hardback and coloured pens coming in the mail today).

When we’re aiming for a big goal, or even a small one that’s particularly significant to us, the people around us only see the end result: the success or failure of the goal we have given ourselves. The smaller “eureka” moments often get lost in translation, because the small milestones only really mean something to us.

When we are the only ones who have any interest in our small milestones, we are the only ones with grounds to celebrate them. If we have any measure of issues with confidence, we are likely to sweep them under the rug so we don’t become tempted to indulge in self-congratulation.

‘Scuse my language, but that’s a bunch of bull.

The other day, I realised that for the first time since I published my very first story, “The Witch’s Touch”, I had sold a book every day for over a month. It doesn’t sound like much on the face of it, and in truth, I almost completely overlooked it. But this time last year, I couldn’t have imagined having a run of a whole month in which I sold at least one book a day.

But this milestone won’t mean much to most people, especially people who aren’t authors. This is entirely understandable, as the easiest milestones to appreciate are the ones that have concrete figures. But authors especially don’t deal in “concrete” very often, and certainties are few and far between. That’s why, when we notice a small step we’ve made towards our greater goal, we should celebrate it. The gravity of several small milestones are greater than one, and we’ve just added another milestone to our collection.

This is the first time since first starting out as a full-time author that I’ve decided to celebrate the small milestones – hence the book and pens arriving “by 9pm today” (thank you, Amazon). Maybe it is a little self-indulgent, but I’ve gone nine months without a haircut, so why the heck not?

Let’s get into the habit of congratulating ourselves on these small steps, because maybe then we won’t feel so uncomfortable giving ourselves kudos when we finally get to the big stuff.

Thanks for reading! Get Valkyrie Cursed, my new urban fantasy book on Amazon or KU here!

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