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Shadow Sentinels – Book Review

Title: Shadow Sentinels

Author: Karen Tomlinson

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Shifter Romance

Rating: Four stars

A journey starts with a single step…or sometimes a betrayal.

I turned my back on fate years ago.

I thought killing my parents would be enough for her but no, now it seems she has plans for devastating my new family—and me.

Finding my place in this crazy world has always been hard, especially when I just don’t fit. Square peg in a round hole. Yep, that’s me. But as a wolf shifter, I must either become an agent for the most powerful organization in the world, the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation, or try and fit into human society.

Pretending I’m human is not for me, neither is the SBI. Especially when Connor, the powerful alpha who is my mate, is their top operative. I grew up with Connor, but he’s no longer the boy I knew. Now he’s a tough, arrogant, and gorgeous man; one who kisses me and rocks my entire world, only to leave me hanging when he disappears completely.

The SBI says he’s dead.

But dangerous alpha wolf-shifters like him don’t die easily.

Turns out his disappearance is just the beginning.

Fate made it clear to me years ago that life is fragile. But I’m not. I will discover what happened to Connor. And no matter what it takes, vengeance will be mine.”

* * *

My Review

Wow what a hot read!

Ember and Connor have felt a connection for a long time, after they were both fostered by Rawson and Lyss. Their foster parents helped them learn to control their wolf shifting and set them up with an education, and in Connor’s case, a job at the SBI – the paranormal police.

Ember has just graduated from shifter school when Connor goes missing, and the SBI descend on the home of Rawson and Lyss. Ember is captured by the SBI to be used as leverage against Connor. It’s only in this desperate chaos that Ember and Connor finally admit to each other, and themselves, that they are fated mates.

This is a really action-packed read, with murder, abduction, and some really steamy moments. Ember is portrayed really well as a character who is both independent and vulnerable, and an inexperienced shifter who can still draw on the experiences of her childhood to survive. Main female characters, especially ones as young as eighteen, often have a really petulant attitude which is usually completely understandable given their difficult upbringings. But Ember’s character walks the line of troubled but not petulant really well, and it really helped me connect with her.

So much happens in this book and the story is incredibly exciting, but even by the end I wondered why on earth Connor and his pack were kidnapped, and how Ember factors into the situation. This is a prequel, so while it’s acceptable to have these questions hanging, I really want them answered!

Karen Tomlinson is a fellow British author and it’s a real breath of fresh air to read a paranormal romance by someone who knows the country well. It feels like home, reading this book.

I’m excited to carry on the series, but with my schedule as it is, it may not be possible. However, book one is definitely on my TBR pile regardless of whether I get to it or not.

This book is awesome and I highly recommend it! Grab your copy of Shadow Sentinels a-right here and enjoy.

Thanks for reading! My urban fantasy romance novel, Valkyrie Cursed, is available on KU – grab your copy here!

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