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Release Week Incoming!

In six days time, Valkyrie Awakened hits the virtual shelves, and it honestly sprung up on me. I hadn’t completely forgotten, but with Valkyrie Unleashed edits keeping my attention for the last few weeks, when I realised how soon release day was, I had an “oh my goodness” moment.

My usual routine in the weeks before the release of a book is to work on the next book and plan the book after the next book. However, I’ve had to put planning book four in this series on hold for the time being in order to get Valkyrie Unleashed ready for my editor.

Editing Valkyrie Unleashed has been a much more intensive experience than the first two books, because I went through a week or two of getting woken up at 2am with ideas to make it better. My inbox is full of terribly written, almost incomprehensible notes that I typed to myself in e-mails in the wee hours. But it’s caused an overhaul of the book that I hope will make it even better than the first two.

Despite double-triple-quadruple checking that I’ve prepared everything for Valkyrie Awakened, I’ve of course still got some jitters about release day. But I count my blessings that I’m not experiencing the same stress as the release day for book one. In fact, I’m hoping that one day, releasing a book will just be par for the course, and I won’t have any reason to feel nervous.

Overall, I have slowly gotten into the swing of writing, editing, and releasing books in a timely fashion, and next year I’m hoping to release at least four books. It shouldn’t be too big a stretch considering that I will have released three books this year.

This time last year, accomplishing something like this was a faraway dream, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to walk this path. Now release day is approaching, I’m hoping to enjoy it a little more and live in the moment during the week, rather than stress too much about what could go wrong!

If you haven’t read Valkyrie Cursed yet, it’s an urban fantasy novel with a slow burn romance, featuring a valkyrie-vampire romance. It’s available to buy on Amazon or to read on Kindle Unlimited. The sequel, Valkyrie Awakened, is releasing next week!

Thanks for reading!

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