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Valkyrie Awakened Is Here!

This time last year, I had zero vision for 2021, thanks to the global events of 2020 which were so unpredictable that making a plan seemed like a waste of time and energy. So, the day that a sequel to one of my books releases is truly unexpected, even if I did have to write two books to reach this point.

If you’ve followed my author journey this far, you’ll know that Valkyrie Cursed released on 30th June this year, and that I’ve planned a rapid-ish release for the whole series. Today the sequel, Valkyrie Awakened, hits the shelves and both are available to buy or on Kindle Unlimited.

Valkyrie Awakened was a real source of anxiety for me as I wrote it, due in no small part to the amazing feedback I received for book one. Reviews are good, and people messaged me sometimes to let me know how much they enjoyed it. The pressure really piled on to create a sequel that people would enjoy just as much as the first, if not more. Book three is proving to be less anxiety-inducing to write, and I can only put that down to experience.

The Rogue Valkyrie series is a slow burn paranormal romance series featuring a valkyrie-vampire romance that will have nine books in total. As book two comes out today, there’s still a fair way to go, but I’m almost done with book three which will come out on November 26th!

To celebrate the release of Valkyrie Awakened, we’re having a giveaway in which one lucky contestant will win a $50 Amazon gift card over on my Facebook page. If you want in and haven’t joined my group yet, ask to join, fill in the questions and you’re in. I’ll be online all day, so I’ll see you!

If urban fantasy romance is your bag, The Rogue Valkyrie series might just be for you, so take a look at the series here. As a baby author still building a career, any little smidgeon of support is hugely appreciated, whether it’s a book sale, a shout-out, or a few page reads. To those of you that have supported me throughout my career so far, thank you so much, I couldn’t appreciate you more!

Thank you for reading!

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