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Breathing A Sigh Of Relief

Don’t get me wrong, I love release days. Celebrating the completion of your book and showing it to the world is one of the most amazing experiences. But as they say, nothing worth having comes easy.

The week that Valkyrie Cursed released, back in July, nerves were an issue. A big issue. I worried nobody would enjoy the book, that everything would go wrong, and that all the time and effort I had put into it would have been for nothing.

Usually full of positivity and optimism, the stakes were high and that fact had me envisioning every worst-case scenario possible, in order to prepare for if one of them happened. It’s something of a defence mechanism for me, and I have no doubt it’s linked to my anxiety. So, while I learned so much and did genuinely enjoy release week for Valkyrie Cursed, I didn’t sleep much!

Release day for Valkyrie Awakened was a lot more low-key. Newsletters went out, friends shared the good news, and fans of Valkyrie Cursed got their pre-ordered copies of the sequel. I won’t lie, in the run-up to release day, I was bricking it. I wondered if I would experience any of the hurdles that the Valkyrie Cursed release week brought, and if I did, how I would deal with them.

But there were no problems, no hurdles, and my community of friends, both author and non-author, rallied to help me promote the book. The take-away from this release day? I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing, beautiful, wonderful people who are incredibly supportive.

It’s refreshing to take a step back from the technical stuff and realise that the most important thing is that I am part of a fantastic community. That’s what matters, even if I’m constantly worrying that sending so much as an e-mail to anyone is just going to bug them!

A bit of shameless self-promo here, Valkyrie Cursed and Valkyrie Awakened are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited right now at this link. Book three is coming on November 26th – not long now!

Thanks for reading! Check out The Rogue Valkyrie series on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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