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3 Counters To Your Anxiety’s Primary Arguments – The Anxious Author

This post will be short and sweet, partly due to the fact that my anxiety went a bit haywire yesterday and I’m exhausted. But also because what needs to be said here is more effective when brief.

Anxiety has lots of arguments that have no factual basis, but play on our emotions so well that we feel we have no choice but to believe them. All the damaging points our anxiety makes must be challenged, but if we don’t have much energy to do so, this can feel like a monumental task.

So, let’s keep it simple, and make our points short, but meaningful. If our anxiety comes at us with memories that embarrassed us from the past, or negative opinions of us, or some other demoralising phrase that its decided to weaponise, we have many ways to clap back. But here are my favourites.

  • You’re wrong, and I’m not listening to you.
  • That memory has no relevance to my life today.
  • I deserve better treatment than this.

Short phrases, lots of impact. Maybe not the first time, or the second. But the moment we start making these phrases part of our daily lives, the more impact they will have. These phrases aren’t a cure or a treatment for anxiety, but they have helped me manage my thoughts during difficult times in the past.

Anxiety doesn’t treat us well sometimes, so even during times of low energy, we can still counter it with phrases like these. For me, believing these positive things in the beginning was next to impossible. But over time, that became much easier.

As you might have noticed, I made this post in a very low-energy state, so thanks for bearing with me and I hope these little tidbits are useful.

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