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Back To The Grind

Release week for Valkyrie Awakened lasted all of the blink of an eye, entirely unlike Valkyrie Cursed which had my full attention for every single minute. Sleeping did not happen back then.

The ease of this release week has allowed a peaceful transition from releasing a book to continuing work on the sequels (and prequel). I had a moment to reflect a few days ago which allowed me to fully appreciate how the last nine months had transformed my day-to-day life from a full-throttle experience born from an over-abundance of excitement, to a natural working life. The kind that has us rolling out of bed at 8:15am, making a strong coffee, and starting where we left off, sans adrenaline.

The excitement in the beginning was fun, of course, but it didn’t make for the most productive state of mind. There are days currently when production really takes a nose-dive off a cliff, but I’ve come to learn that’s a normal part of working for yourself and working from home. Some days everything just clicks and I get more done than I could have imagined, and other days I’m staring at the screen willing words to appear. Either way, easing into a working life in which I’m my own manager, treasurer, and benefactor suits me down to the ground.

Release weeks provide bursts of excitement in between weeks or months of hard graft, but I also find myself looking forward to the grind after a time when release takes priority. While writing a book is a long process, its peppered with milestones that are truly satisfying to reach. Finishing a first draft, finishing editing, the eureka moment when a plot hole fixes itself, and of course, holding it in your hands for the first time, cover and all.

But those aren’t the moments the world at large sees, or appreciates, because they are quite personal and usually fairly small. (Although my readers are such dears to celebrate them with them). Instead, I tend to enjoy them in a quiet, solitary bubble of satisfaction once I’ve interrupted a meeting my husband is in to tell him the good news.

So, I’m back to the grind, and I don’t remember ever in my life feeling quite so happy to say those words.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, here!

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