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Moon Enchanted – Book Review

Title: Moon Enchanted

Author: Devyn Sinclair

Genre: Shifter Reverse Harem

Rating: 5 Stars

I am being hunted.

Trapped by the creatures I never believed were real.

Now I have to surrender if I want to survive.

I was just an artist trying to make it in New York City. I had no idea all the stories were true. Until I stumbled into a shop run by witches, my birthmark melted away, my eyes started to glow, and suddenly every werewolf in the city was trying to find me.

A werewolf rescues me from one nightmare and delivers me into another. Now I’m in a castle with three of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen. Both my captors and my saviors. They’re Alphas. Wolves. Kings. And cursed.

To break their curse? It sounds simple enough. Find the descendant of the witch who cursed them. Love her. Mate with her. Only the heiress to the last line of witches?

That’s me.

But my Alphas aren’t the only ones who want to claim me. The rival pack that attacked me will use anything to keep the curse alive, including my death. They won’t stop until I’m kidnapped or killed, so I need to decide whether to risk my life, or risk my heart.”

* * *

My Review

Aaaaagh this book is beautifully written! I’ve read a reverse harem or two since the craze first took off, and this one stood out like a diamond among beach pebbles.

Moon Enchanted follows Cora, a painter from Brooklyn who is inspired to paint a canvas that is immediately bought by a strange woman who owns a curio shop. During their encounter, she offers to magically remove Cora’s birthmark, which awakens powers in Cora she didn’t realise she had.

The three handsome Brenin wolf shifters, Edward, Knox, and Brandon come to her rescue when she is attacked by wolf shifters intent on using her blood for magical purposes. Locked up in their magical castle which provides whatever its inhabitants need, Cora soon discovers that she is their long-awaited mate, and that her extensive witch powers are the only thing that can save the Otherworld.

My main hang-up with reverse harem is the abundance of a-holes, and I don’t mean that in the literal sense (entirely), but that the shifters are usually mean to the protagonist. In Moon Enchanted, yes, Edward struggles with the pain of Cora coming into his life after losing his love four hundred years ago, but he isn’t mean about it. All three shifters are lovely, protective, and sexy, and they made for a really wholesome story.

The characters are unique, thoroughly likeable, and just all-round wonderful, with back stories drip-fed to us sometimes in ways as subtle as the name of their pet cat. The imagery painted an incredible picture of a cosy yet resilient castle that I would personally love to live in, and while the plot was slow to develop, it never stopped intriguing.

I can’t wait to carry on the story, and really look forward to seeing what happens next!

At the time of this review, Moon Enchanted is up for pre-order and releases on 23rd September 2021, and here is where you can grab your copy.

Like every 5 star book on The Secret Library, Moon Enchanted has earned the recommended reads seal!

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