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Vampire Bites – Book Review

Title: Vampire Bites

Author: Bella Klaus

Genre: Vampire Romance

Rating: Four stars

“Four years ago, a Vampire Prince abducted me. I wiped his memory with a voodoo doll, escaped, and tried to forget him.

A magical disaster struck, breaking my curse, and he’s back.

And he’s furious.

Tall, dark, and utterly deadly, he’s determined to make me his. Even though I despise blood-suckers, I can’t resist his allure.

Sparks fly between us with every touch, and the air crackles with the heat of our hatred. I’m falling under his thrall, and I don’t know if I can resist.”

* * *

My Review

Vampire Bites follows Iyana Torchbearer, a nun at the Temple of Light run by the goddess Hecate. After an incident four years ago during which Iyana was kidnapped by her soulmate and vampire, Prince Draconius, Iyana magically erased his memory and returned to the temple to live her life.

But after an attack on Logiris, a magical hub in a human world, Iyana’s enchantments were destroyed and Prince Draconius returns for her. But since their last meeting, a phoenix destroyed his body and corrupted his nephew on the Vampire Council, and his soul is now at stake. Desperate to keep his mate for himself, Prince Draconius kidnaps Iyana and hatches a plan for them to escape Logiris together.

Torn between her soul bound with the Prince and her sensibilities and life at the temple, Iyana faces a difficult decision. Should she return to a world she knows and loves? Or should she embrace fate and reunite with her mate, no matter how dark and dangerous he is?

The strength of the characters in this book is really apparent; they’re complex, they’re conflicted, and they have so many secrets that they are visibly deeper than we get to see – yet. A really interesting community of magical people, Logiris is often under threat from human attack and ruled by several Kings and Queens, all of whom appear to have dominion over their own species.

Vampire Bites often goes into a lot of detail as to how the systems within this magical world work, including verification for access to bank accounts and vaults, and their apparently harsh justice system. This world, the characters, and the plot, are deep and complex, and a joy to read.

Only one thing had me knocking this book down to a four-star and that was the scenes of conflict and high stakes tended to draw themselves out. The drama became a bit lost in discussion, hesitation, and uncertainty, and the action didn’t pack as much punch.

But I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which is already loaded on my e-reader and ready to go!

Vampire Bites releases on 28th September 2021, the first in the series.

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