Last Day To Get THIS Free Book

The cut-off dates aren’t usually so tight in our giveaway feature, but this deal just so happens to end today!

A no-strings-attached first in series, Hawk Witch by Ashley McLeo is free for today only. Anyone who prefers an established series before they begin reading a book will be happy to know that this series is at least four books in already. Take a look at this gorgeous cover:

“A mysterious fae-shifter. A battle royale. A chance of a lifetime.

I’ve always been different. Awkward. Horrible at magic. A square peg shoved into a round hole.

But when I arrive in Faerie, I have a chance to start over, to help people who have it worse than me, and to finally get to know my father—the King of Lyonesse.

In Faerie I have friends and a fae guard who fancies me. Crazily enough, for once in my life my bloody magic is cooperating.

There’s one hitch.

To get what I want most, I have to fight—gladiator style—and I must win.

The others are infinitely more powerful than me and a thousand times more charming. Cunning and competitive to boot. And they all want to be tops too. But when I really want something, I’ve never been one to give up.

And I won’t start now.”

* * *

You need to get your skates on and grab a copy of this today if this book looks like your cup of tea, so here’s the link to Hawk Witch for you to do just that.

Hawk Witch has undergone a cover revamp, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve had a quick glance at the rest of the series and their covers look stunning, too. Naturally, I’ve already grabbed my copy of this book and can’t wait to read it!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited here!

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