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Time To Change My Background Picture

For the past two years, October has been a bit of a difficult time for me and my husband. Please be warned, this is a very first-world problem, and I’m grateful that this is as bad as it gets right now, at a time when people are struggling. But October has, historically, been the month that we go on holiday. Of course, for the past two years, we’ve been stuck inside to wait out the global health situation.

There’s no better month than October for childless couples to go on holiday, in my opinion. The children have gone back to school, which means fewer tourists wherever we choose to go, and we can enjoy a last burst of sun before settling down for the winter. October was the only time of the year we could go somewhere beautiful to truly relax.

We are still not at all tempted to go on holiday, due, for the most part to, the ever-changing travel restrictions. How are you supposed to enjoy yourself and relax if you’re constantly worrying that you’ll have to jump on a plan at a moment’s notice to avoid a two-week stay at a hotel just down the road from where you live at your own expense?

I’m very grateful for all the holidays we’ve been able to go on, because I know it isn’t something everyone can afford to do. But I miss getting on a plane and having an adventure in a faraway country with the love of my life. It doesn’t just recharge our batteries to go on for another year, but these journeys are a true source of inspiration for all my creative work.

So, in short, I’m missing travel. Partly as a break, and partly as writer-fuel. In the course of the past nearly-two-years, I’ve come to abandon expectations completely, so who knows when we will get back out there and travel again. In the meantime, I will use this time as I promised at the beginning of all this: to write as many books as possible and make the most of the months spent indoors.

Over here in the UK, most of the country has decided to get back to normal after all the restrictions were eliminated in July. We still have an eye-opening number of cases per day and despite being double-vaccinated, me and my husband have been very cautious in joining the rest of the country.

The good news is, we are well-practiced by now at occupying ourselves indoors in the run-up to winter, in which we will no doubt be spending a lot of time inside. UK weather isn’t consistently good no matter which season you’re in, so it’s safe to say that winter will keep us locked up a little longer. In the meantime, I will find a nice tropical picture to change my background to, and hope that next year, I might get to see it in person.

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