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Wicked Vampire Lover – Book Review

Title: Wicked Vampire Lover

Author: Bella Klaus

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“I’ve got more targets on my back than I can count.

Time is running out, and our enemies.

If I don’t find a way to save us all, then I can say goodbye to my wicked vampire lover.”

* * *

My Review

Before you check out the review for this book, take a look at my reviews for books one and two in the series, Wicked Vampire Prince (formerly known as Vampire Bites) and Wicked Vampire Mate.

Wicked Vampire Lover wraps up the three-book series featuring the unbreakable, fated bond between Iyanna Torchbreaker, a hybrid witch, and vampire prince Draco Sargon. Their freedoms are at stake again in this book, when Draco is incarcerated by his nephew, the Vampire King Valentine for his crimes.

However, Draco’s usefulness proves more important than serving his time when an outbreak of “iron vampires” begin infesting Logiris with the aim of taking revenge on Iyanna and spreading their curse.

Yanna and Draco are given the task of finding the cause of and stopping the iron vampires, only to find that the cause and what they need to defeat them are in the hands of their many enemies. With their happiness and freedom at stake, they have no choice but to accept this quest and complete it within the Vampire King’s time limits.

I enjoyed this last-in-series more than the first two, because the issues going on in Logiris become more apparent, and Yanna and Draco are embroiled in a major world event as well as their own shenanigans. The world felt bigger, and with a whole host of truly interesting supporting characters, the story had more excitement and diversity.

Yanna and Draco really develop their relationship in this book, their feelings for each other finally running to the depth expected of fated mates, now Yanna has no more reservations.

An interesting finish to the series, Wicked Vampire Lover concludes Yanna and Draco’s story in a satisfying fashion.

If you’ve read the first two books and would like to read on, here is the link for Wicked Vampire Lover.

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