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The Rogue Valkyrie Series Updates

Talking about series updates always sneaks up on me, because during the day-to-day, there isn’t much to talk about. I’ll complete a few thousand words on a manuscript, create a blurb etc. All the small things that make the finished article aren’t noteworthy milestones in and of themselves. But eventually they build up into something worth talking about!

As you may know, books 1 and 2 in The Rogue Valkyrie series, Valkyrie Cursed and Valkyrie Awakened, are already available in e-book and paperback formats on Amazon. They are also available on Kindle Unlimited, as will the entire series.

The first piece of good news is that Valkyrie Cursed and Valkyrie Awakened have made their way up the charts in Australia. At one stage last week, Valkyrie Cursed reached #11 in one of its categories, which is a pretty big achievement for me. I’m still new to the industry in the grand scheme of things, and seeing both books in the top 100 in several of their categories was just mind-blowing.

While book 3, Valkyrie Unleashed, is with my editor, I’ve been spending most of my time writing book 4, Valkyrie Betrayed, and planning book 5, Valkyrie Fallen. In addition, I’ve almost finished the planning stages for the as yet unnamed prequel which will be available for free with a sign-up to my newsletter. For those of you who are already signed up, don’t worry – I’ll make sure you get your copies!

Book 4 is officially one third finished at 25,000 words, and Rowan and Nate have some adventures outside London for the first time in the series. This second portion of the series has allowed for some flexibility in terms of setting and it’s really helped the creative juices flow. I’m having a lot of fun with these new ideas!

Writing used to be my hobby, but now it’s my job, I’ve had to think about brand new hobbies to help me relax after a long day. So, I’ve bought myself some new brush pens, some bullet journal stencils, and I’ve started practicing calligraphy again. Booting up Pinterest and Instagram has helped me get a feeling for modern styles and lettering, and my boards are filling up quickly with the work of really talented artists.

Recently, the initial anxieties of diving into a project like releasing a series have subsided, and it’s all beginning to feel like a normal, every day thing to sit down and write books. With the series coming along so naturally lately, I have enjoyed the process even more. I hope to look back at the end of 2021 and feel like I’ve done a lot this year. Fingers crossed for an even more productive 2022!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited!

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