Free Fae-Shifter Book

I’m an advanced reader for a group of really awesome authors, so I haven’t scrolled through the free sections of Amazon much lately. This often means that when I get around to looking, there are some great new series starters up on the charts that weren’t there before.

Like this one:

My name is Tara Knightley, and I’m on the Fae mafia’s hit list. My childhood crush just rode back into town, too, and that may spell even bigger trouble . . .

My talent for sensing magical objects has made me a damn good professional thief for the past decade. But it’s also what got me into a blood oath with notorious Fae mob boss Grant Shaw.

My relationship with Shaw is rapidly souring, and I need to break free before it turns deadly. The solution? I must steal a magic skull from Shaw’s biggest rival and deliver it to him, and then he’ll nullify our blood oath.

Just as I’m set to go after the skull, my childhood best friend and crush, wolf shifter Judah McMahon, shows up asking for help. It’s been ten years since the falling out that ended our friendship, and I know I shouldn’t get involved.

But Judah’s life is threatened. How can I say no? The catch is, helping Judah will cost me the chance at freedom from Shaw . . . and possibly my life.”

* * *

Jayne Faith is a new author for me, but I’m loving the look of this book. Fae, shifters, and supernatural mob bosses – I just have to get this one! This will be my first mob boss read, but the genre is so popular right now I’ve got to see what all the fuss is about.

Edge of Magic is currently free on Amazon right now, but make sure to check the prices beforehand because they can change.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here!

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