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Cielle – Book Review

Title: Cielle

Author: Brittni Chenelle

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“How can she prove her innocence when she can’t remember her past?

Valerie’s back and Thorn put me in charge of training her, so . . . yeah, I guess I’m in the best position to suss out if she’s innocent or guilty. FYI, she’s guilty AF.

Hear me out, though: no one is this bad at training. Also, if she can’t remember anything, then why are sparks obviously flying between her and Jaemin? And third, whenever that creep Ajax crawls out of his hole in Nether, Valerie is suspiciously nearby.

I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t like the questions she’s asking. Questions about where I was the night of the eclipse. I’m not the one accused of being a traitor, so let’s all just keep our eyes on the guilty party.

* * *

My Review

Book two in the Eleven Wings series follows Cielle, a pink-haired valkyrie and former(?) best friend of Valerie, from book one. Cielle is tasked with re-training Valerie so she can regain her valkyrie status, but Cielle has her reservations. After Valerie left Lux, the “good” realm in the afterlife, to go to Nether (the “bad” realm) with Ajax, Cielle and the other valkyries naturally felt betrayed by her abandonment.

With no recollection of what happened to her in the year she was gone (or before), Valerie struggles to deal with the ire and suspicion of her fellow valkyries. But she is also left wondering if she betrayed her friends to run off with Ajax, and what kind of person she was before she returned.

Tension of all kinds builds between Valerie and Jaemin, her husband who she discovers she married in her life before going to the Nether with Ajax. But as Ajax keeps showing up to tempt Valerie back to the Nether, she has no idea where her loyalties lie.

The suspense and mystery really ramped up in this book and while you want to believe that Valerie wasn’t a guilty party, all the evidence says otherwise. The turmoil is intense! As ever, the characters were really well written and had great chemistry, and I look forward to seeing their relationships develop.

Like in the last book, Valerie, Cielle didn’t have quite as much imagery as I would have liked for a book set in a magical realm. I love getting dragged into a book with vivid settings, and while the characters are incredibly vivid, the world they exist in isn’t. The mystery and the characters are definitely enough to want me to keep reading, though, and I’m looking forward to reading book three!

Cielle is available on Amazon at this link, but if you haven’t checked out book one, Valerie, yet, here is the link to my review.

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