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Business Never Stands Still

I enjoy consistency. I like every raspberry to taste the same in a packet, and to pick up the same kind of coffee on Saturdays, uncomfortable when I remember it’s limited edition. Business is absolutely not static, and considering the fast-paced society that has developed as a result of the internet, it’s a lot more restless than it used to be.

Maybe because I’m a millennial, and therefore have a giant target on my back with the title “avocados”, “killing the diamond industry”, “requesting a living wage”, or whatever new thing we’re being criticised for this week, but whenever I voice my preference for consistency, someone, somewhere will pipe up with “you can’t have everything your way, you know.”

Yes, Susan, I do know. Otherwise I would spontaneously own a ten-bedroom mansion in the middle of a wood with a personal library this very moment. Not to mention the cat sanctuary in my back yard. Consistency isn’t about having everything your way, but about having one, or several things in your life that you feel safe in the knowledge won’t change. At least, not for a while.

This week has shown me that nothing is consistent in the author world. Industry drama pops up and removes a popular author from top billing. Social media goes down and stops authors from advertising. Paper shortages mean less paperback availability in various regions. The list goes on.

Jumping into an industry that changes sometimes daily, when you’re still learning the ropes, is challenging. Kind of like trying to get on a treadmill that’s already set to 10mph. If you’ve ever seen fail videos on streaming sites, you’ll know that it can end up with people falling on their backsides or getting flung into a wall.

I’m beginning to keep up with these changes, and forging time to make them in my own business practices to ensure I’m not losing out. But as ever, as I’m still fairly new to the industry, and I’ll make mistakes, but I’ll also learn from them. And when changes happen that fast, you’ll make mistakes – and therefore learn from them – long before you have time to forget the lessons they provided.

Maybe I’ll feel different later in life, but right now I’m really enjoying having zero consistency in my line or work. I feel like I’m achieving more, learning more, and growing as a result. This fast-paced career goes against what I typically enjoy, and yet, I’m loving it. So long as I can still get my caramel oat lattes at the weekend, I’ll be happy.

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