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Thorn – Book Review

Title: Thorn

Author: Brittni Chenelle

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“When there’s nothing left to lose in life, it can’t hurt to trust a traitor.

It’s impossible not to get dragged into Valerie’s chaos. Just when I’m certain where she stands as a ruthless traitor, she dangles the one thing I’d die for in front of me. That’s pretty convenient for someone with no memories, don’t you think?

The team is in shambles, especially Jaemin. How could I have allowed Valerie to drive a wedge between us all again? Still, can she really deliver on her promise, or is she manipulating me for her own dark purposes? Only time will tell.”

* * *

My Review

Thorn is the third book in the Eleven Wings series, and I have already read and reviewed books one and two. Find the review for book one, Valerie, here and the review for book two, Cielle, here.

To catch up on the series here, Eleven Wings follows six valkyries who are defending the realm of Lux from the threats from the opposing realm, Nether. Thorn is a broody valkyrie who has lost the soul of his true love, Lily, to their enemies, Dusk and Ajax, in the Nether. Although he suspects Valerie is a spy, he has no choice but to accept her help in getting Lily’s soul back.

Valerie, on the other hand, is trying to discover more about what happened before she lost her memories and which side she truly aligns with. While Ajax continues to try and convince her that she joined him, Valerie is falling harder for Jaemin all over again, and can’t understand how she would have chosen to leave him to join Ajax.

I loved the connection between Thorn and Lily in this book, especially as Thorn emanates a lot of emotion without saying much at all. His love for Lily is unfathomable, and much less confusing than the love between Valerie and Jaemin, which makes it such a wholesome addition to the series.

We start to learn more about the dynamics within the Nether when Valerie and Thorn go in there to get Lily, including that there are dark versions of the valkyries present there, to balance out the good versions of them in Lux. Also, the motivations of Dusk and Ajax become clearer and the plot really starts to pick up in this book.

There were a lot of feels in this book, and I feel that the inclusion of Thorn and Lily’s relationship at this point in the series was really well timed, because it gave the storyline a little something extra. Something to entertain us with in addition to the mystery of Valerie’s recent past.

The stakes rise exponentially in this book as we realise just how much is at risk, including the souls of the people in Lux, as the threat to them grows from the Nether. More drama is promised later on in the series!

If you haven’t checked out the first two books yet, take a look at the reviews above. If you’ve read them already and fancy carrying on the series, here is the link to Thorn so you can grab your copy.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, here!

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