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Release Week Panic Starts Now

Self-publishing books on a fairly rapid-release schedule is a bit like perpetually riding waves on a surfboard. You work your way up writing the next book, and then surf back down the other side during release week. The last part is inevitably much faster than the first, and right now, with two weeks left until the release of Valkyrie Unleashed, I’m feeling time speed up to double time.

But release week for this book feels different to the last one. Yes, there’s still some mad panic, but now I’ve released a few books in quick succession, it’s starting to feel less like a heart attack, and more like I forgot to put the bins out for collection three weeks in a row. It’s important and pressing, but it won’t kill me.

It’s lovely to finally start getting into the swing of writing and publishing books on a regular basis, and although day-to-day efforts to get there vary in productivity, it feels as though progress is being made. With the pressure to also write a new free prequel to The Rogue Valkyrie series also adding more to my plate, I doubt there will be a time soon in which I don’t feel like I have too much to do.

Me and my husband discussed the past few years and how the global events have meant that we have been unable to truly take a break. We used to go on holiday every October without fail to recharge our batteries and come back with a renewed sense of “getup and go”. The best we have done since 2019 is a weekend trip to the south coast, which cost more than one of our usual holidays would have.

It’s probably natural in this case to feel a bit overwhelmed and burnt out, but even as society opens up again, it’s difficult to find the motivation organise a trip abroad with ever-changing travel restrictions. This endeavour to publish a series as quickly as possible has truly highlighted just how important rest is, and that it shouldn’t be ignored in favour of productivity. And it’s something I must bear in mind as we approach release week.

Valkyrie Unleashed is the third book in The Rogue Valkyrie series and as of this week, book four in the series, Valkyrie Betrayed is up for pre-order! Book five will follow shortly, so long as I can find a moment this year to put it up!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, here!

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