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Spinning One Too Many Plates

Last Friday I completely forgot to post a Friday giveaway/freebie, and it wasn’t even until Saturday that I remembered I hadn’t done it. Apologies!

Unexpected bits and pieces have popped up quite a lot lately, including a handful of hospital visits, more than enough migraines, and just a touch of vertigo. While I could do without all that, it does make me take the time to take a step back and, well, rest.

Ever since I started The Rogue Valkyrie series, I haven’t taken a holiday bar one weekend away with my sister and weekend visits to see family. They are much needed snippets of time to socialise and live a little, but after almost two years of virtually mandatory isolation, a two week vacation is beginning to feel like something I dreamt up while I was asleep. Not an actual, real thing, but a fantasy that will never come to fruition.

As such, burnout is not only real for me, but pretty frequent. Hell, maybe that’s why the migraines come at me thick and fast. But while I get to work for myself, I don’t have to make any awkward phone calls to a boss who sighs at the end of the line and probably doesn’t believe me. I can take that time, guilt-free, to rest.

This year I have had to learn how to spin many plates while still learning how the plate spinning actually works. One of them was going to fall eventually, especially as I eye yet more plates I’m eager to pick up. But I maintain that every plate-spinner starts with one, or a few, and before long they’re in a circus ring with twenty pieces of crockery whirling above their heads. And they’re going to break a few before they get there, too.

I’ve already started planning a few new projects for early 2022, including a Patreon for fans of my books. I’ll drop more information on that closer to the time when I have a better idea of what to expect as a Patreon supporter, as I’m still working out the finer details. Of course this is going to add even more to an incredibly busy schedule, but it’s still exciting to start all these new things. Hopefully next year will give me a PA to help balance everything!

With the release of Valkyrie Unleashed literally a week away now, I have to gradually draw more focus to the release. Which may mean a few more dropped plates, but release weeks always need to take precedence.

If I drop a few more plates in the next week, I apologise! But I will have a giveaway ready for tomorrow to make up for missing last week. Thanks for bearing with me!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here!

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