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Doom-Scrolling Ban

My husband has banned me from Facebook for release week, and I’m super grateful.

“Doom-scrolling” is absolutely a thing. When you’re feeling like having a mindless scroll through social media and you become exposed to all manner of discussions. How climate change will kill us all. How particular demographics still don’t experience the full extent of their rights. I could go on, but it’s just as depressing writing about it as it is to read about it on a social media feed.

During a normal week, I think we’re all used to casually encountering doom and waving it off like an irritating fly, because the only other alternative is to internalise it all and consequently fail to function as a human being.

I live in the UK, and in case you were wondering, we are NOT ok over here. I won’t go into detail, but as a society, thanks to the pandemic and Brexit, our quality of life is in the beginning stages of falling off a cliff. Every day there is some new consequence to over a decade of poor choices made by the majority of the country. We are not having a good time.

But the added stress of release week has obviously piled the pressure on, and there comes a point where you have to choose what you’re going to panic about. As an Anxious Author, my brain isn’t fussed what to panic about, and will quite happily take it all on, mental breakdowns be damned.

So, my husband suggested I choose to panic about the release of Valkyrie Unleashed instead of, you know, everything. It sounded like good advice, so I am officially only going on social media to post things to keep a presence. I can’t very well disappear when book three of The Rogue Valkyrie series is about to hit the shelves tomorrow!

Aside from reminding you to go and pre-order Valkyrie Unleashed, may this post also serve as a reminder that exposing ourselves to the never-ending stream of bad news online isn’t good for us. We might feel like we want to stay informed, but if something personally stressful happens to us tomorrow, we may not be in a position to handle the sheer volume of bad news. Ignorance, is indeed, bliss.

Personally, I want to stay informed because I would like to try, with my voice and my vote, to try and curb just how bad things are. Aren’t we always told that every voice and vote matters? Yet, if this comes at the expense of our mental health, we have a responsibility to ourselves to step back.

So, stop your doom-scrolling, and go make a cup of tea. Surround yourself with comfortable things like blankets, feel-good TV shows, and most importantly, my now three-book urban fantasy series featuring a valkyrie-vampire romance!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, here!

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