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Valkyrie Unleashed Release Day!

Gods above, I went to hell and back getting this book out on time. Here’s what happened: I had an epiphany.

Valkyrie Unleashed is the third book in The Rogue Valkyrie series, and while writing the first two, Valkyrie Cursed and Valkyrie Awakened, I had a great deal of anxiety about the quality of my writing. I have been writing almost every day since I got my first laptop at 12 years old, and I’m no stranger to it, but nobody ever saw those terrible fan-fiction first drafts and hopefully nobody ever will. But publishing a book for the world to see needs a degree of quality, and it’s impossible to know whether you’re any good until readers have seen your work.

The first two books got great feedback and I finally began to gain confidence as an author. My epiphany struck halfway through writing Valkyrie Unleashed when I realised that I was probably OK at this writing thing, which triggered the need to make big changes to the draft I was writing.

I spent a lot longer than usual editing Valkyrie Unleashed than the other two books, making big changes with this new-found confidence. Much happier with the end product, the book went off to the editor a little later than expected. A lot later. Too late for my liking.

As you may know if you follow this blog, I’m an Anxious Author, and I wouldn’t dare start a project without organising a generous time cushion. If publishing Valkyrie Unleashed was driving a car without air bags, I braked just in time to stop an inch away from that super-solid brick wall. Thrilling stuff, and a great story to tell, but next time I do it, I’m probably going through the windscreen.

Anyway, after a great deal of writing, even more editing, and several hours biting my nails while I waited for the manuscript to pop back into my inbox from my various freelancers, Valkyrie Unleashed is here!

This book managed to break my old pre-order record set by my novel A Druid’s Secret and it’s been fairly well received by advanced readers, so I’d like to think this book has started off well. With any luck, this epiphany will help build my confidence for the rest of the series.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Valkyrie Unleashed yet, you can grab a copy or read it on Kindle Unlimited at this link here. If you haven’t started the series yet (*gasp*) you can start it with Valkyrie Cursed, which is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

We are celebrating the release of Valkyrie Unleashed today in my Facebook group with a giveaway, so make sure to pop over there and see what we’re up to!

If this is the first you’re hearing of The Rogue Valkyrie series, here is the run-down:

Rowan McQuaid should be dead.

Valkyries don’t survive vampire bites. But after releasing a tomb full of rabid vampires, Rowan is still breathing. Her survival means one thing: somehow, she is immune.

When witches are slaughtered in their homes, Rowan discovers the vampires are hell-bent on killing the descendants of those who imprisoned them. And every drop of blood spilled is on her hands.

Forced to team up with the mysterious vampire Nate Hallewell, Rowan must find and stop the rogue vampires before they kill every witch in south east England.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and A Discovery of Witches will love this gritty, action-packed adventure by USA Today Bestselling Author, Rosie Wylor-Owen.

* * *

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and some magical mysteries and action-adventure, you’ll really enjoy this series!

Start it here with Valkyrie Cursed and I really hope you like it – don’t forget to drop a review if you get a chance!

Thanks for reading!

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