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Midlife Witch Unexpected – Book Review

Title: Midlife Witch Unexpected

Author: Melle Amande

Genre: Magic Realism

Rating: Four stars

Middle-aged and starting over is the last thing I ever wanted on my bucket list. But since my husband announced he was gay and my daughter left for college, I don’t really have a choice.

If I’m going to get my “Happily Ever After” I have to start making new choices, starting with picking guys who like women rather than women’s makeup would be a good start. Next! I’m way past the point of caring what other people think. I’m 49, about to turn 50 and I’m pretty sure I’m entering the prime years of my life. It’s time to make my mark and do things the way I want to do them.

Like move.

I am sooooooo leaving the city that has sucked me dry with the commute and the executive position. There’s no way I’m doing that anymore. I have enough money from the divorce to buy a house, almost any house, outside of California. I take one suitcase and my jeep, and I leave town, not stopping until I get to Cougar Creek, which is so small I think it’s barely a town, but I’m all about it.

This is where I will get my fresh start.

I inherited my Aunt’s home here years ago and never even visited, but the renters just moved out and I might as well make it my home. For now.

But Cougar Creek has a lot more in store for me than I ever imagined. There is a load of eligible young men from the local ranches, a couple of new BFFs in similar situations, and a strange invitation to a local secret society who think I’m the new high priestess of their local coven. I didn’t stop laughing until I realized they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. They have a massive problem in the cemetery and they expect me to solve it.

But I didn’t trade in one life of rules for another one, so if they want me to be high priestess, they’re going to have to accept that I make the rules.”

* * *

My Review

It seems all I read are firsts lately! This is another first for me: a midlife magic tale featuring a protagonist who is staring 50 in the face and having to rebuild her life from the ground up after inheriting her aunt’s house.

With most urban fantasies and paranormal romances featuring teenagers or people in their early twenties, this was a big deviation from the norm with regard to protagonists.

Mae gets arrested for pulling a firearm on the local Sherriff of her new town of Cougar Creek. Luckily, this small town is full of people who already know who she is and knew her aunt. What she doesn’t know, is that she is actually a witch and she is about to inherit the responsibilities her aunt left behind as the coven leader of the Cougar Creek Coven.

Cue Branson, the cute thirty-something shifter who is honour-bound to protect Mae and her home. After having recently divorced her husband after finding out he was gay, Mae is still suffering from romantic whiplash and is happy to make some rash decisions where Branson is concerned. Yes, there is a steamy scene or two.

This book had mostly cosy vibes and maybe it’s just because I’m used to reading action-packed stuff, but not enough happened in this book for me. The first two-thirds of the book was Mae suspecting everyone was weird before finally accepting magic existed and she was a witch. Which meant that up until that point, nothing really happened other than her going to the shops. Although, admittedly, Mae getting it on with Branson did liven things up a bit.

This is a great book for anyone who prefers slower paced reads, as there isn’t a great deal of action. But I’m hoping that as it’s the first in the series, that it is setting the scene for more drama to happen later.

I loved the concept of inheriting a house, a legacy, and even a coven from family, and especially as Mae’s new situation is perfect for her to begin a brand new life, which she was dreading after the divorce. While I’m looking forward to learning more about Cougar Creek and the magical world that secretly exists within it, I hope a bit more happens in upcoming books.

Midlife Witch Unexpected is available on Amazon at this link, so grab your copy if it looks like you’re cup of tea!

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