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End Of Year Fog-Brain

Maybe it’s the end of the year, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got deadlines coming out the wazoo, but I’m forgetting a lot more things lately. Including to post this yesterday, at the regularly scheduled time.

I’ve always taken the renewal of a year and progressing from our current year to the next quite seriously. I know time is a human construct and really bears as much significance as a £100 note when it boils down to it, but my brain enjoys the opportunity to prepare for a new stage in life.

My marketing plan for 2022 is half-finished, my January social media plan ready to go, and that’s not to mention my “Author’s Encyclopedia” which I recently put together. Every link and piece of information that I could possibly need for 2022 has been compiled in one document to stop my aging computer from crashing as it struggles to deal with 200 tabs at once. Cutting it down to 10 was a task and a half, but it has been done!

This organisation, alongside deadlines for the next book and projects for the near year (including the beginnings of a Patreon that I’m rather excited about!), has had me rather frazzled and forgetful. There is a pretty good chance that I’ve already written an article about this and just forgot…oh yeah, I did, here it is.

This isn’t the first time this week I’ve done something, forgotten all about it, and act surprised when it pops up again. Apparently I signed up to a Bookbub follower’s builder some weeks ago, and have been eyeing the e-mails regarding it coming into my inbox very suspiciously – spam is inventive these days. Eventually, though still unable to remember having signed up, I got stuck in. I either need an assistant, two of me, or a replacement brain when this one inevitably fizzles out.

As I may already have mentioned, I’m in desperate need of a holiday and an escape to my in-law’s for Christmas couldn’t come soon enough. Of course, a week-long getaway to a warm, sunny beach somewhere would also be great, but I doubt that’s getting squeezed in any time soon.

Where book updates are concerned, things are going well. While book four is coming along quite slowly, the Valkyrie Unleashed release saw some great success with not too much effort on my part. This time next year, the series will be finished!

In the next few weeks, I will be finishing book four, sending it off to the editor, working on the prequel and preparing for the launch of next year’s Patreon. It’s a good job I have insomnia right now, or I’d never get any of this done.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book Valkyrie Cursed on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited!

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