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Moon Exalted – Book Review

Title: Moon Exalted

Author: Devyn Sinclair

Genre: Shifter Reverse Harem

Rating: 5 Stars

I am going to die.

What was once my mates’ curse is now killing me.

But I will never give up on our eternity.

War is coming. Our enemies won’t stop until my mates and I are dead—our magic wiped from the face of the Otherworld. Extinction is the only thing they will accept.

I may be new to this world, but it’s mine now. No matter what, I won’t let it fall into their hands. The Alphas will pay for what they’ve done. To me. To my mates. To the wolves they were meant to protect.

This new curse is taking hold, stealing my life piece by piece. But that only makes me more dangerous. I will protect my lovers and my home, even with my last breath. I’m ready.

Let them come.

Let them try to kill me.

Let them watch the witch they tried to burn become a Queen.”

* * *

My Review

This series was an absolute whirlwind in the best way – here are my reviews of book 1 and book two, because this is book 3.

If you’ve already read the first two reviews, you’ll know I was a huge fan. Generally, reverse harem isn’t my favourite genre, but this is definitely my favourite series of the genre. Here’s what I don’t love about reverse harem: too much sex, not enough story, but yet not enough sex because the author wants us to keep reading the rest of the series.

Basically, my view on reverse harems up until this point was that they were either giant teases or didn’t have enough story to grab me. Turns out, like I should have already assumed, that was just the books that had crossed my path. And obviously, the ones I read hadn’t turned me away from the genre so that I wouldn’t pick up another because here we are.

Moon Exalted perfectly concludes the series with magic, ridiculously high stakes, some truly varied and immersive sex scenes, and an insight into the magical world and it’s past that is super interesting. This book ticks all the boxes, more so even than the ones that came before it.

Cora comes into her own, struggling with her new identity as Queen of Witches, and also with the fact that the curse that befell her mates has reversed and is now trying to kill her. Not only have the Amadan wolf pack declared war on them, and heavily outnumber Cora and her mates, but she is dying with no obvious way to undo the curse.

Cora, Edward, Brandon and Knox have really bonded over the series and their relationships are absolutely beautiful in the final book. They are seamless together, and an actually great example of healthy polygamy.

Better yet, the extent of Cora’s powers are better explored in Moon Exalted and with the introduction of several more witches, other witch lines also emerge. What particularly impressed me was the depth of the story, as Cora’s visions reveal the past and how they even got to this point, including gods, fate, and untold magic that was lost to the ages.

While the first few books introduced us to the world of this series, the full extent of the story comes out in Moon Exalted, and it’s absolutely marvellous to read. The story is sublime and immersive, the characters are so awesome you never want them to die, and the sex scenes are perfectly executed.

In short, this series is an amazing example of reverse harem, and frankly perfect in my view. If you’ve read the first two books, here is the third amazing installment. If not, start the series with Moon Enchanted.

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