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Shadows Ascending – Book Review

Title: Shadows Ascending

Author: Jenn D. Young

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: Four stars

I am the Shadows…

Reborn from the dark, with a great purpose thrust upon me. I must embrace my destiny and the legacy of power I’ve been given or the world could fall into chaos.

My dark angel. The voice that’s haunted me since I was a child. My protector. My mate.

Together we must fight and keep an old evil from corrupting the world.

Will I be able to control these powers, or will they control me?
Can we defeat the ultimate evil with our bond intact?”

* * *

My Review

When I first started reading this I didn’t actually know it was an entire trilogy boxed set, so naturally this one took me a while to get through!

The complete trilogy of Shadows Ascending follows Lorelei, a Nephilim and daughter of an Egyptian goddess. When her mother is killed by people looking for Lorelei, she is bounced through orphanages and the foster care system before her uncle finally introduces her to their magical world when she turns 21.

The supernatural council have wanted to know about Lorelei since they learned she existed, and when Lorelei is turned into a vampire, their interest grows. The mysterious Vincent, a demon and associate of Lorelei’s uncle, draws Lorelei in and before long, they discover they are mates.

Tensions are rising in the magical world and Lorelei is at the centre of it. Vincent’s compulsion to protect her draws them closer still, until they can deny that they are meant to be together no longer.

The most interesting concept of this world was the multitude of hybrids. Demons could be Nephilim too, and Lorelei as a Nephilim could also be a vampire, and this is not only incredibly possible but widely accepted. In lots of magical realism series we often see very distinct species that are entirely separate from each other and hybrids are rare. However, the abundance of hybrids in this series make it quite unique and inclusive.

The other most notable part of this series is the relationship between Lorelei and Vincent. It’s pretty wholesome for a paranormal romance, which was even more difficult to achieve because of the age gap. Obviously Vincent doesn’t age but he is literally thousands of years old, which starts out as a bit strange considering Lorelei is 21 when their relationship starts to develop. Things really start to steam up later in the series, too!

The biggest downside for me with this series was the series of events that happened that sometimes don’t tie in. For example at the beginning of the series, Lorelei goes from living in her mother’s home to an orphanage, to a foster home, to living in L.A. all in the first few chapters. I understand this was to fill in the gaps of Lorelei’s past, but it was all a bit rushed and disjointed.

This series has a typical happily-ever-after trope with some serious steam between fated mates.

The Shadows Ascending boxed set trilogy is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback formats here.

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