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Christmas Pause

This week really got away from me with some last-minute shopping and cramming to get book outlines and a prequel finished before Christmas. So, this week unfortunately I don’t have a book review, but I am steaming through my current read which is the sequel to Curse of the Gods which I read and reviewed a few weeks back. Great book!

Christmas presents a deadline at which work must cease, and cease it must, because without a small holiday, I am at risk of losing my mind. I love writing and publish books so much, and I truly wish I could power on through and not need breaks. But in the past year, I’ve tried that and suffered the consequences.

Especially with the ongoing pandemic, going on holiday and taking actual breaks has been near-impossible, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon. So the best we can do, and frankly it’s a perfect option, is to go back home to celebrate Christmas with family and chill out. However, that does mean getting as much done as humanly possible before I can put my feet up and drink mulled wine.

The worldly situation right now has made it easier than ever for us to neglect our needs for breaks. So do what my husband and mother-in-law are going to make me do over the Christmas break (because goodness knows they take care of me) – nothing. Watch all the movies, play all the games, read all the books, and nap like a pro. Give yourself permission.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed for 99c through December, here!

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