News and Updates

Welcome To 2022!

Happy January 1st!

I’m back from my Christmas Pause, which gave me a much needed breather from work. While I always have a fire under me to get ahead of schedule, the end of 2021 had me so burned out that I needed a break. Ideally, I could jet off to a tropical country and chill out for a week or two, but let’s face it, planes are kinda out of the question right now.

Hopefully you have had a restful holiday period and are entering 2022 happy and eager to begin. There’s nothing quite like the hope one experiences over the New Year, and even if it doesn’t last long, it’s nice to live in a little blissful optimism.

Let’s kick of this year with some awesome news: my author Patreon is up and running!

In case you haven’t heard, I planned to launch several levels on Patreon in 2022, but I ended up getting ahead of myself and organising them in December ready for a 1st January launch.

Designed to provide exclusive extras for fans of my books and writing, my Patreon currently has five levels and each has its own bundle of perks:

  • Level 1: £1 per month – a thank-you and acknowledgement in all my future books.
  • Level 2: £2.50 per month – level 1 plus early access to book covers.
  • Level 3: £5 per month – level 2 plus a monthly exclusive short story.
  • Level 4: £7.50 per month – level 3 plus access to deleted scenes from all books, and “The Rogue Valkyrie” series colouring pages.
  • Level 5: £10 per month – level 4 plus all bookmark designs (printable) and an e-book copy of “Scorpio’s Grace”.

More levels will be added later which will include physical goodies, including fan art, signed copies of books, merchandise, and my own calligraphic art, in the future. I am still super new to Patreon and want to take things slowly, so that I don’t over-promise and fail to deliver.

Signing up to any Patreon level goes towards supporting my career as an author and allows me not only to continue producing books, but to provide even more awesome extras in the future. I truly appreciate everyone who sticks around to support me and my career, including those who read my blog posts on occasion or even more regularly!

The Secret Library will be back to regularly scheduled programming as of today, with book reviews on Wednesday, series updates on Thursdays, and freebies/giveaways on Fridays. Let’s have a good 2022!

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