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Captive Of The Gods – Book Review

Title: Captive of the Gods

Author: Skyler Andra

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

War is coming. And if I don’t break free, my biker family will pay the price.

The Jackals are keeping me hostage. They think I’m a traitor and saboteur. Bait they can use to lure my brother and his club. Payback for stealing their drugs.

But the Wolves aren’t coming to my rescue. I’m my brother’s pawn to justify a turf war between the clubs.

Wounded and locked in a cell, I can’t use the mate bond as leverage to weasel my way out of captivity. My enemies have severed our connection and rejected me as their mate.

My father’s murderer remains at large. I have to get out of the Jackal’s clubhouse, find them and avenge him. No rugged, dangerous bikers tugging at my heart will stop me.

So help me goddess.

* * *

My Review

If you haven’t read my review of book one in this series, Curse of the Gods, you can read that here to catch up.

** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **

I really enjoyed book one in this series and book two was a solid follow-up. Aliyah, an avatar of the Egyptian goddess Isis, has been taken captive by the Jackal biker gang after they believed she betrayed them.

While she is now their prisoner, Aliyah can’t deny her connection to the four bikers who run the Jackal gang: Slade, Castor, Alaric, and Zethan. Fated mates, the four men struggle to deny her, despite believing she is still loyal to her brother Danny, now head of the Wolf gang after the murder of their father.

Danny’s methods of running the group are not just illegal, but horrifying, and when he asks for Aliyah’s return, she and her Jackals all know that she will not survive long among the wolves.

This book really builds the trust between Aliyah and her mates, which makes it a more intense read. And despite her mates believing she betrayed them, it doesn’t stop them having some steamy experiences.

The progression of the story and the rising of the stakes was more obvious in this book, and yet there was still a great deal of character development. Not to mention a closer look into the pasts of all four of Aliyah’s mates.

Danny has been established as a seriously bad guy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to him in the end. Especially now that all there is left for Aliyah and her mates to do is to mate and take him down – this is what I’m expecting from book three.

The author has gone to great lengths to make sure that none of her readers are caught off-guard by some of the gruesome and troubling content that could cause panic attacks. She has included content warnings at the beginning of every chapter that contains writing that might cause issues for the reader, which I thought was very considerate.

This was my first taste of literature that contained really dark content and it was a little uncomfortable, and might be for others.

Overall, a great read and continuation, and I’m really looking forward to book three which may conclude the series.

If you’ve read book one, you can get Captive of the Gods here.

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