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Real Alphas Bite – Book Review

Title: Real Alphas Bite

Author: C.R. Jane & Mila Young

Genre: Reverse Harem

Rating: Five stars

“I’m not in the habit of stealing women.

They come to me. They beg and plead for a taste of my power. My brothers and I rule the pack, crushing all challengers and scaring the rest into submission.

We’re the nightmares that wake you up screaming, the devils you crave.

We have everything, so we want for nothing.

Until she came along.

From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine….ours.

We took her swiftly in the middle of the night, stealing her out from under her fated mate’s clutches.

She was only meant to be a play thing, a passing fancy.

So why do I find myself watching her as she sleeps, protecting her… falling for her?

* * *

My Review

Rejected mates is an acquired taste, but definitely a popular trope recently. Personally, I find this trope a bit hot and cold. Some of the stories are well put together and really drag the emotion out of you, whereas others fail to hit the mark. This is true of any genre or trope, but when you’re not necessarily a hardcore fan, these distinctions are much more visible. Suffice to say, this book really nailed it.

Emersyn is a slave within her wolf pack, rejected by the Alpha’s son, despite being his mate, and made to work on the bottom rung of the pack. In between her arduous duties, her mate taunts her and toys with her, but when Hendrix, Alpha of another pack comes to collect his debts, he takes Emersyn with him.

Having never left her pack before, Emersyn is blown away by Hendrix’s luxury lifestyle and the unnerving work that earns him his way of life. Involved in what looks like illegal activities, Emersyn can’t bring herself to trust Hendrix, yet she somehow feels safe with him.

When Hendrix takes her to the island of his pack, she meets Caspian and River, his brothers. All three brothers feel a deep connection with Emersyn, and as she gets to know them all and learn their collective history, she also grows closer to them.

The weird thing is, not a great deal happens in this book, but for a handful of unexpected and impactful events. But you can’t help connect with Emersyn the moment you read about her, and thereafter, everything she goes through is an incredibly vivid experience even for the reader.

The emotions and conflict she feels of being taken from her pack and experiencing true luxury for the first time in her life, and the inexplicable feelings she has for these men are pretty addictive. Maybe the difference between this book and other reverse harems is that we aren’t learning about the state of affairs in the protagonist’s current pack, but experiencing everything for the first time with the protagonist. It’s a fairly unique spin, at least as far as I’ve read into the genre so far. I could be way off base, but then I haven’t read that many reverse harem stories!

While there was definitely room for more action, the feels were addicting and made this book a page-turner right from the start. Some one-star reviews have flagged this already, but this book does end on a pretty big cliff-hanger, which I also find super annoying. But this series is apparently a duology, and so at least we can expect the next book won’t end the same way. I can just about give this a pass.

The big takeaways from this book were the great characters and their chemistry, and the really unique backdrop to the story. But I really hope that a bit more happens in the next book.

If you want to grab your copy of this book, you can do so at this link here. Real Alpha Bites has a huge amount of reviews and they’re all pretty good, so if you’d like a bit more feedback on this, feel free to take a look.

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    1. They’re definitely an acquired taste! 😄 I very rarely DNF but it has happened maybe two or three times for various reasons. They’re an exception usually, as if a book isn’t my cup of tea but is well written, I’ll still give it a good review and just mention I didn’t enjoy it 😄

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