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Hiking Down Stress Mountain

Safe to say we all know what it’s like to stand at the summit of Stress Mountain (TM).

We don’t really know how we got there, but we do vaguely recall climbing a freaking big peak with a giant rucksack of responsibilities. On our way up, the distant calls of “that’s life” and “deal with it” echo around the peaks from people sat around a warm fire with a cup of cocoa right at the bottom. To be sure, we have less idea of how we got to the top when we’re hiking alone but we’re still somehow hearing the opinions of other people.

Most people mean well, and it’s supposed to be helpful, but in the depths of real stress, words aren’t as helpful as rest and the removal of these almost literal boulders in our backpacks.

OK, enough of the analogies. The last half of 2021 was pretty difficult, but come Christmas, me and my husband finally got the rest and relief we needed to go in to 2022 with brand new outlooks. It wasn’t just as simple as sleeping in for a few weeks and forgetting our responsibilities over the holidays. We made some fairly big and overdue life changes that has made the world of difference.

Making changes when you’re stressed and unable to utilise enough brain power to consider every possible outcome is scary as hell. But sometimes your gut and a few worst-case scenarios accounted for is enough to go ahead regardless. Two weeks in, we are glad we took the leap when we needed it, because leave it too long and you’re headed straight for Mental Breakdown Gulley (TM).

With a book releasing next month, developing a prequel, and launching my Patreon (check it out here if you want access to exclusive goodies!), I would have struggled to make it all happen under the same circumstances as last year. Thanks to a little (a lot) reshuffling, we are now the ones sitting warm and cosy in the ski resort with cocoa. But one thing is for certain, we won’t be shouting unhelpful platitudes out the window for anyone still out there in the storm.

Here’s my point: if you’re on the cusp of doing something good for your mental wellbeing, even if it means less money or the disapproval of people you know, consider your own immediate needs. Don’t be swayed by other people’s perceptions of how you should live your life, because they got to where they are under different circumstances. Take care of yourself first and foremost, no matter what the world expects of you.

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