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Hellfire Mate – Book Review

Title: Hellfire Mate

Author: Bella Klaus

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

Out of the Fifth Faction and into the Hellfire

Just when I thought we had outsmarted Hades, he strikes back with a plan as devilish as it is dastardly.

We have five days to break a curse or the Demon King will claim our souls.”

* * *

My Review

Hellfire Mate is the third and final book in the Hellfire series by Bella Klaus. Start with my review of the first book, Hellfire Pack, here.

Cathwulf has reconnected with the mate she killed decades ago, Griff, and rescued the souls of the Hellfire pack for their God, Fenrir, much to the ire of the God Hades. Hades places a curse on Griff that could consume his soul and the only way to postpone the effects is to erase his memory.

Griff forgets everything that happened between him and Cathwulf, including how she killed him all those years ago, and how they reconciled. Trying her best not to trigger those horrific memories and set their disdain for each other back in motion, Cathwulf has to take Griff to find a fae who cursed him decades past in order to undo Hades’ curse.

Determined to stop Fenrir from providing an afterlife unique to shifters, Hades does everything in his power to ensure Griff isn’t freed from his curse and return to his position as Fenrir’s right-hand man.

This book did wrap up the series well, because when I first read book one, I couldn’t fathom Cathwulf and Griff ever falling for each other again. I did find that the explanation for what happened in their first lives decades ago a little bit convenient, but the world-building was great and the story was interesting.

The idea of having a new God designing a new afterlife really caught my eye and it would have been great to see more about how this was implemented, but this book focused more on Cathwulf and Griff. They make a great couple and are actually really good for each other. They experience a great deal of personal development and finally learn to communicate with each other in a way they hadn’t even before they died the first time.

All in all, a good conclusion to the series, but would have loved for the books to have gone more in-depth in all areas. You can grab your copy of Hellfire Mate here if you’ve already read the first two books!

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