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Lightning & Curses – Book Review

Title: Lightning & Curses

Author: C.C. Solomon

Genre: Magical realism/fantasy

Rating: Four stars

I’ve got to cure an elven king or become his next meal.

Lisa Xu, faerie extraordinaire. Or so they tell me. I survived numerous heartbreaks, getting almost eaten alive by various supernatural beings, and I’m an uber-reluctant member of a superhero team.

I didn’t let living in a post-apocalyptic world stop me from reaching my dreams and opening up my own clothing store. However, a girl can’t catch a break for long in a supernatural world.

Time is running out on a promise I made to the powerful and very sexy elven king, Joo-won. If I don’t find a way to break his curse, he’ll eat me.


With the clock running, my search gets dire, but of course nothing is simple in a supernatural world. I’ve got to find the “wicked witch” who cursed Joo-won, and fight off nightmarish creatures that could be tied to a murderous ghoul, an ex-lover from Joo-won’s criminal past, or something more unknown.

This is seriously getting in the way of me building my fashion empire. Hope I don’t get killed before I make it big.”

* * *

My Review

This book originates from the world of Mystic Bonds, another book I read and reviewed written by C.C. Solomon. Check out the review here.

Lisa Xu is part of a superhero team “The Six” who have rallied to help defend the earth against the threats of the new world. Overnight, the world imbued people with magic and became a fantastical dystopia in which monsters roam the streets of New York.

Some members of “The Six” are in comas and fighting for their lives, which has left the rest of them vulnerable, including Lisa. But Lisa has her own problems, as the fae King, Joo-won has been cursed by a witch that can only be broken if Lisa gives him one of her organs.

This threw me for a loop, because Joo-won doesn’t need an organ like most people need an organ. He kinda has to liquidise it and eat it. Big shudders on that one.

Lisa tries very hard not to be taken in by Joo-won’s charms, as they both have unusually strong feelings for each other. She is a professional woman who runs a boutique and his mischievous fae ways, not to mention his old friend Martin who is absolutely in love with him, will only distract her from earning a living.

However, Lisa can’t allow Joo-won to suffer his fate, and sets out to do all she can to help him. The only problem is, she falls deeper and deeper into his charms, and with Martin determined to take Joo-won back for himself, this puts her very life in danger.

So this book was really imaginative and the world is great. Not to mention that the romance between Lisa and Joo-won is really freaking steamy. Such a great couple. The jealousy aspect with Martin felt the tiniest bit forced, but in the end I appreciated the extra tension.

The one thing I would change about this book is the way action is approached. The action, including the climax, feels rushed and under-described. There’s a distinct lack of immersion during times of action that could be easily addressed by more showing and less telling.

An interesting book, part of a wider world, and interested to see where the story goes. You can grab your copy of Lightning & Curses here.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed here!

2 thoughts on “Lightning & Curses – Book Review”

  1. Love your review. I’ve read one of the books in this series and I need to check this one out. How can authors apply to be featured?
    I have a series called the Eden Saga and the last book comes out next month! I could send you a review copy of one of my books if you would like?
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    1. Thank you 😄 I used to have an open application process but there were some complications so now I read advanced copies of books from up and coming indie authors. Does your series have magical/fantasy elements?


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