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Counting Down To Release Day

If you’ve read my blog posts in the run-up to my other book releases, you will already know that I get pretty anxious when we hit the month before a release day. This time, I’m happy to say that this anxiety has now reduced to the week before. Every little helps.

I don’t think pre-release day nerves ever go away, and even authors with a bunch of titles and accolades to their names still get butterflies. At least, this is how the well established authors I follow on social media come across. Most of us worry about what readers, new and old, will think of our work, regardless of how well our previous books were received.

Valkyrie Betrayed was a fun book to write, especially as I got to take my main characters out of London for some exploration elsewhere in the UK. Rowan and Nate’s relationship develops a great deal as Rowan learns about a portion of Nate’s past that he would prefer to keep from her. As they attempt to uncover the mystery of disappearing vampires in York, Rowan and Nate discover a horrifying conspiracy.

This book marks the halfway point for the series, or technically a little over the halfway point as seven books are planned. It doesn’t sit right with me that this is the case, because producing this series felt like a monumental task when I first started. Now I only have three books left to write, I’m starting to feel the inkling of achievement.

Traditionally, I haven’t personally celebrated the release of my books. No champagne and chocolates, or a night out to celebrate. I’ve kept it pretty low-key, perhaps because writing feels like my job now and generally people don’t celebrate just doing their jobs. But as the end of the series looks closer now, I’ve got a feeling that at the very end I should do something to celebrate.

How does anyone celebrate the end of a series? Or do they? I feel as though there isn’t a set standard yet for what authors should do when they’re celebrating a victory. Especially after two years during which birthdays and Christmases were spent entirely indoors getting sloshed.

Now we are a little more free to celebrate the way we used to pre-panorama, how would you celebrate? I genuinely need ideas, I forget how to celebrate after all this time!

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Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed, available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, here!

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