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Valkyrie Betrayed Release Day!

How the heck did we get here? The fourth book in my urban fantasy romance series, The Rogue Valkyrie series, is on the digital shelves!

I still can’t quite believe that the series began with Valkyrie Cursed back in July 2021. Releasing four books in seven months was once absolutely unheard of for me, and I’m still reeling.

Valkyrie Betrayed continues Rowan and Nate’s story, but in a brand new story arc. They leave London to attend Rowan’s sister’s wedding and find themselves thrown into a brand new mystery up in north east England.

While on the trail of missing vampires, Rowan uncovers the more sordid chapters of Nate’s past. Up until now, Nate has kept Rowan shielded from the details of his past and when the information is taken out of his hands, Rowan learns exactly who he used to be.

Valkyrie Betrayed has earned a spot on a Goodreads list, so if you would like to help it climb the ranks, please vote for it at this link. It really helps new authors like me gain visibility in the indie publishing world when our books end up on these lists, so every vote is hugely appreciated!

If you haven’t started The Rogue Valkyrie series yet, Valkyrie Cursed is the first in the series and like all the books in the series is available to buy on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited. If you’ve been waiting for the Valkyrie Betrayed release, here is your link!

The next in the series is getting written as we speak and will release on 5th May. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Valkyrie Betrayed and The Rogue Valkyrie series!

Thanks for reading!

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