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Lunar Witch – Book Review

Title: Lunar Witch

Author: M. Sinclair

Genre: Reverse Harem

Rating: 3.5 Stars

No man would ever own me again.

A simple promise I’d made to myself after escaping a brutal childhood of abuse and being trained to enact violence on unblessed witches. Since that moment, I had managed to survive on the streets by successfully pickpocketing.

Unfortunately, after years of hiding, the monster who starred in all of my nightmares was closer than ever and I was faced with only one option – seeking refuge at the Dark Imaginarium Academy.

Filled with the elite witches of our society, I should have expected to run into some of my previous targets and that normally wouldn’t have been a problem. It wasn’t like they’d known I’d stolen from them.

Except for my last hit.

What I stole from him was something I would never forget because it was literally embedded in my chest. Yeah, he was a bit upset about that one… as in acting absolutely psychotic. Except he’s not the only one…

A blood witch who has an addiction to my taste.

A lunar witch who takes pleasure in trying to scare me into submission.

An unblessed that wants to dissect me, literally.

A shadow witch that relishes in marking up my body to show ownership.

These men want to claim me, own me, and the treasure that I now possess, but I would never break the promise I made to myself.

But when my past follows me right into the place I considered a safe haven, I find that these psychos may be the exact key to getting rid of my problem forever. The only problem? These men are convinced that I’ve never experienced the type of horror that would be required for that to happen, that they have to protect me from it. What they don’t realize?

Killing left a stain on the soul and mine was pitch black.”

* * *

My Review

Reverse harem meets academy in Luna Witch. Deva is a thief with a dark past she is determined to leave behind. She joins a magic academy in hopes of creating a new start for herself, but her past has a habit of following her wherever she goes. And fortunately for her, so do the five men who have pledged themselves to her.

The book begins with Deva breaking into a mansion in search of a magical item to sell to a client, but she stumbles across a moonstone that, as a lunar witch, she is naturally drawn to. After stealing the moonstone, Deva runs into the owner of the home who she has an unspoken connection with. She escapes, ready to begin her new life at her new school.

When Deva arrives at school, she encounters Grimshaw, who owned the house she stole from. She is also reunited with a boy from her past, Osborn, who she once loved. When three other boys from the school approach her claiming to feel a connection with her, Deva is left both confused and overwhelmed.

The more she gets to know these boys, the more she uncovers about their alliance with each other and how they have banded together to take down the man who abused her so horribly in her past.

The things I loved about this book: Deva’s backstory and skillset, her mates, and their chemistry.

The things I didn’t like so much: the slow pacing, the over-the-top reactions of some of her boyfriends, and the lack of inclusion of the academy.

Deva has a great backstory in which a monstrous magical practitioner killed her and brought her back to life again and again, while also forcing her to become an assassin. Absolutely amazing, loved that, especially when she thereafter used her skills after she escaped him to survive. I really hope this is showcased more in the sequels.

The core of a good reverse harem is an attractive harem that has good chemistry with the protagonist, and Lunar Witch achieves that. Her mates are all very distinct and alluring, and they all affect Deva in different ways. Their connections work well.

However, not very much actually happens in this book. I’m guessing that this first book was designed to introduce the boys and the back stories of all the characters, but in my opinion, the plot focuses too much on that and not on the progression of the story. I would have loved to see more action.

In addition, as we get to know the boys, some of their more protective instincts emerge. This manifests as threatening other students who even touch Deva, and becoming aggressive with teachers who request that they separate for the class to continue uninterrupted. Their behaviours were way over the top sometimes and it was a bit cringey in places.

While we’re on the topic of the school, it doesn’t really feature much at all. Aside from attending a few classes, in which Deva spends most of her time talking to one of her boys, the school isn’t mentioned much. It felt more like a convenient background to the story rather than a functional setting.

I’m hoping for more development of characters and story in the sequels, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

If you’d like to check out Lunar Witch for yourself, it’s available on Amazon here.

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