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Getting Pro-Active In Dark Times

Is anyone else majorly pissed off that as soon as the pandemic is finally losing its impact, some old man with an inferiority complex decides to invade another country and put the world on the verge of WW3?

Not going to lie, it’s grinding my gears. But after what is probably the fifth major and “once-in-a-lifetime” event in my thirty short years, I have learned to shave down the time I worry about these things. This time, I’ve done that by deciding to get pro-active and help the war effort in what little way I can.

I’ve been on TikTok a lot lately and follow a lot of authors who have expressed a lot of concern about the war, what it means for us all, and how helpless it makes them feel. I get it. This situation sucks and quite frankly takes the piss considering how much we have all had to go through in the past decade.

Anyway, I decided I was done worrying. I am sick to death of worrying and decided I was going to do something to help instead. Indie authors all over the world have come together in various projects to raise money for charities assisting civilians in Ukraine.

I have signed up to an anthology of romance short stories and flash fiction that is raising money for “Save The Children”. This charity has already done a great deal to evacuate Ukranian children safely this past week and we want to help them continue to do their good work.

This idea came together only a few days ago and over 60 of us have pooled together to fund the cover, formatting, and publishing of this anthology. As soon as there is a pre-order link, you will be the first to know. Considering the short time frame for submitting our pieces, this anthology will definitely hit the shelves before the end of the month.

While things have looked bleak for a very long time now, we can and will make it through this. We have, after all, made it through everything else so far. If you want to know how you can help Ukraine during this difficult time, take a look at the top link on my LinkTree, here.

This list of ways that we can help from our own countries has been curated by Ukranian residents who know the most important charities and organisations that are making the biggest impact for them right now.

Thanks for reading!

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