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Technical Issues

There are a lot of unexpected issues that pop up when trying to publish books, but I experienced a brand new one this week.

I finished editing Valkyrie Fallen which was a huge weight off my shoulders, but after a few attempts to get it to my editor, I found my e-mails weren’t reaching her. Turns out a technical issue meant she didn’t even know I was trying to get hold of her, which meant a bit of a timing setback.

These things happen, and she was – as ever – fantastic about all of it, and the publishing schedule is back on track. If this process of going full-time has taught me anything, it’s that adaptability is a must. Something will spontaneously combust at a moment’s notice, and if you don’t have a fire extinguisher on hand, you’ll have to make do with a damp cloth sometimes.

You know when you’re applying for a job and they ask if you work well under pressure and you say “yes”, but only because you know it’s what they want to hear? If you actually want to develop that skill, and fast, definitely pick this line of work for a few years and you’ll have it down pat.

Sending off Valkyrie Fallen has given me time to work on the sixth book in the series, and writing will commence in a few days. It’s hard to believe that the end of the series is in sight, as I’ve been at this for over a year now, and I’ve already had to make plans for the next series. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t have a writing project to work on.

I’ve already shared the beginning ideas with my friend and beta reader who has given me some good feedback, and I’m excited to get started on this new project. Just as soon as The Rogue Valkyrie series is finished!

With Spring on the way, everything is feeling a little lighter, and hopefully I will find time in my packed schedule to get away from the desk once in a while. But it’s super exciting to reach the end of a project, although I imagine some tears will be shed, too.

Let’s get started on book six!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my book, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here!

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