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Secret Omega – Book Review

Title: Secret Omega

Author: Romy Lockhart

Genre: Reverse Harem/Shifter Romance

Rating: 4 Stars

“Secret Leto is going stir-crazy in the small town she grew up in. Full of Betas, Silver Lake is the safest place for an Omega in hiding, but she can’t stand to spend another second trapped there.

Passing for a Beta at Goldcrest College is so much harder than she expects. The big city is full of Alphas, and she’s starting to attract some attention that could ruin her shot at freedom.

Meeting a rare male Omega and his Alphas, her perfume is triggered, and there’s no going back. She can run from herself, but she can’t hide from her true mates.”

* * *

My Review

** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review **

Secret is hiding a secret: she’s an omega. In her world, that means she should be going to an Omega university, where she can learn to become a perfect mate for an Alpha one day. But Secret doesn’t want to succumb to the usual life of an Omega, and enrolls at a college out of town.

Dylan is also an Omega, and has escaped notice by authorities by taking pills to suppress his “perfume” which alerts Alphas to the fact he is an Omega. But his Alpha mates, Seth and Cassidy, are fiercely protective of him, and try hard to keep other Alphas from noticing him.

When Dylan and Secret meet on campus, they have an immediate connection. Realising they are both Omegas, Secret tries in vain to keep the fact under wraps from the rest of the university. But when she and Dylan are both discovered to be Omegas, they are shipped off to Omega school.

Once the headmistress finds out about their connection, however, she is prepared to take extreme measures to make sure that the status quo is maintained.

The one thing that had me scratching my head a bit was that it was never really clear what the magic system is in this book. The Alpha, Beta, Omega structure of a shifter pack is a big part of the story, yet nobody ever turns into a wolf. This had me wondering if this was a shifter book at all, or if this was simply names for an alternative world in which people are just branded Alpha, Beta, or Omega.

With this confusion aside, I really enjoyed the steam and storyline of this book. While it was slow paced and could have been trimmed down in many places, the character development, plot twists, and chemistry between characters were great and really enjoyable.

I expect this is part of a series and that I will be reading the sequel at some point in the future. If you’d like to read Secret Omega, check it out at this link.

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