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A Vendetta Of Sorts

Self-publishing is growing in popularity as indie authors finally shake off the many circulating misconceptions.

Concerns over lack of quality control still has some readers swearing off reading self-published books. Considering that the likes of The Martian were initially self-published, it’s difficult to understand how people still adopt this blanket mentality.

Self-publishing will never be perfect, but when compared with traditional publishing, it’s beginning to come into its own. Quality control isn’t a cut-and-dry gold standard in traditional publishing, and it never has been, and the quality of self-published books has never been higher.

But this stigma made me wonder if this was the reason that we don’t see any self-published books in libraries. I asked a librarian at my local library if they stocked self-published books and I was told that they “have never accepted a self-published book”.

The particular wording of this shocked me, because it suggested that they purposefully rejected self-published books. So, I sent an e-mail to a librarian at the local council asking why their book buying procedure didn’t include self-published books.

Turns out the initial librarian was incorrect, and that their acquisitions process does allow for self-published books to have a chance at a place on their shelves. However, it requires the publisher to add the book to the database of their suppliers and their partner companies.

I did a little digging and was shocked to find that these suppliers and partner companies not only have an informational page for independent authors explaining what they can do to get their books on the database, but encourages not yet published authors to go for it! Considering that the day before I had gotten the impression that libraries weren’t interested in self-published books, I was blown away with the encouragement.

So, I still have further investigating to do, including attempting to add my own books to these databases. Updates are a-comin’!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my urban fantasy romance, Valkyrie Cursed, on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here!

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