The End of The Secret Library

While it makes me sad to say it, I’ve made the decision to close down The Secret Library as a book blog.

I stopped posting earlier this year because my schedule became so hectic that it became one of the things I had to drop in order to stay on track. Releasing The Rogue Valkyrie series on time was a challenge and I stopped reading a book a week – a habit I still have to recover in the new year.

I have loved doing this blog from the very beginning, but it’s no longer feasible for me to carry on giving The Secret Library the attention it deserves.

All my future updates regarding book reviews, book releases, and author shout-outs will now move over to: https://rosiewylor-owen.com/

You can also go to my LinkTree for all the places you can follow me and stay up-to-date with my activities: https://linktr.ee/rosiewylorowen

Thank you for joining me throughout The Secret Library’s lifetime, I really appreciate your support. This site will remain up for the time being and will come down early in the new year. Thank you again, and safe travels!

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