The Secret Library blog showcases book reviews, authors and fun reading-related posts authored by Rosie Wylor-Owen. Rosie is an author of urban fantasy flash fiction, short stories and (soon) novels. While entirely unfunny face-to-face, Rosie likes to inject humour into her articles and reviews to spread a chuckle or two.

Rosie’s work has been featured in the literary magazines The Fiction Pool, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ariel Chart and the Manawaker Studio Podcast. In July 2018, her short story “Arm-in-Arm with Alchemy” was published by Otter Libris in their Magical Crime Scene Investigation anthology.

In February 2018, she won third place in the Fiction Writer’s Global flash fiction competition for her story “In Exchange for Your Sins.” Her self-published short story “The Witch’s Touch” also won first place in the OurAuthorGang book cover competition.

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