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It’s Not Nescafe, It’s Nostalgia

I opened a brand new jar of Beanies white chocolate raspberry coffee this morning (not an affiliate, literally just love the stuff), and the smell of it threw me back in time. I only started drinking coffee in March 2020, when the UK first went into lockdown, so my only association with coffee is the… Continue reading It’s Not Nescafe, It’s Nostalgia

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Vampire Bites – Book Review

Title: Vampire Bites Author: Bella Klaus Genre: Vampire Romance Rating: Four stars "Four years ago, a Vampire Prince abducted me. I wiped his memory with a voodoo doll, escaped, and tried to forget him. A magical disaster struck, breaking my curse, and he’s back. And he’s furious. Tall, dark, and utterly deadly, he’s determined to… Continue reading Vampire Bites – Book Review

The Anxious Author

3 Things That Probably Don’t Help My Anxiety

While I'm not a doctor and haven't studied anxiety in a professional capacity, I have a fairly extensive understanding of anxiety through the lens of a patient. So, I haven't read up on the things that don't help my anxiety, but I've paid attention to my body and mind when it starts to misbehave itself.… Continue reading 3 Things That Probably Don’t Help My Anxiety