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Starting The Year Off Strong

How are we feeling nearly a week into 2022? I quite A LOT of groups (and people) on Facebook so that the world feels like it's ending less. It has done wonders for my mental health and my productivity so far. Admittedly, this first few weeks of January is usually pretty good for getting things… Continue reading Starting The Year Off Strong

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Captive Of The Gods – Book Review

Title: Captive of the Gods Author: Skyler Andra Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Four stars "War is coming. And if I don't break free, my biker family will pay the price. The Jackals are keeping me hostage. They think I’m a traitor and saboteur. Bait they can use to lure my brother and his club. Payback… Continue reading Captive Of The Gods – Book Review

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Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!

The holidays are fast approaching, so it felt like a great time to set Valkyrie Cursed up with its very first sale! If you've been following the blog, you'll know that Valkyrie Cursed released on 30th June and the sequels were soon to follow. The timing feels right to knock the first in series down… Continue reading Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!