Freebie Incoming

Scrolling through the free section of Amazon's "vampire suspense" genre, I stumbled across a few unusual books that aren't often seen, let alone hitting the top 100. One of these really jumped out at me, and that just happened to be this book: "Undead and vegan? Not the afterlife this girl had planned. Waking up… Continue reading Freebie Incoming

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Time To Change My Background Picture

For the past two years, October has been a bit of a difficult time for me and my husband. Please be warned, this is a very first-world problem, and I'm grateful that this is as bad as it gets right now, at a time when people are struggling. But October has, historically, been the month… Continue reading Time To Change My Background Picture

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Wicked Vampire Mate – Book Review

Title: Wicked Vampire Mate Author: Bella Klaus Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Four stars "I’m caught in the worst kind of trap, and there’s no way out. When I double-crossed Draco, I hadn’t expected him to retaliate. But now I’m stuck, and my only chance of ever seeing home is to use the black magic I… Continue reading Wicked Vampire Mate – Book Review

The Anxious Author

How Autumn Affects Anxiety

This is just my casual observation, but I've noticed that a lot of people I know who have anxiety really enjoy autumn. Citing the prospect of bundling ourselves up in blankets, indulging in a plethora of hot beverages, and reading books/watching movies when it's cold and dark outside, we apparently love the change-over to this… Continue reading How Autumn Affects Anxiety


Urban Fantasy Freebie

My author newsletter went out yesterday, (if you haven't signed up yet, here's the link) and I noticed that the books I featured this month were especially beautiful. Indie books fans know just how magnificent book covers can be with the right cover designer, and there's so much talent out there. I personally use Covers… Continue reading Urban Fantasy Freebie