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Moon Entrapped – Book Review

Title: Moon Entrapped Author: Devyn Sinclair Genre: Shifter Reverse Harem Rating: 5 Stars "I am a prisoner. Taken by monsters who crave my death. If I want to see my mates again, I have to stay alive. I was just settling into my new life with my mates when I was taken. Robbed of my… Continue reading Moon Entrapped – Book Review


Free Book Boyfriends!

Everyone's talking about book boyfriends lately, and I have to admit, I don't have book boyfriends. All that romantic stuff they do in the books like running baths for us after a hard day, making dinner, forehead kisses, unexpected cuddles, hair stroking, and gazing into our eyes like we're the only person in the world… Continue reading Free Book Boyfriends!

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Business Never Stands Still

I enjoy consistency. I like every raspberry to taste the same in a packet, and to pick up the same kind of coffee on Saturdays, uncomfortable when I remember it's limited edition. Business is absolutely not static, and considering the fast-paced society that has developed as a result of the internet, it's a lot more… Continue reading Business Never Stands Still

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Cielle – Book Review

Title: Cielle Author: Brittni Chenelle Genre: Fantasy Rating: Four stars "How can she prove her innocence when she can't remember her past? Valerie’s back and Thorn put me in charge of training her, so . . . yeah, I guess I’m in the best position to suss out if she’s innocent or guilty. FYI, she’s… Continue reading Cielle – Book Review