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4 Dark Books for Nostalgic 90s Kids

Being a kid was tough but one thing made youth all worth it: we could read ourselves into a coma and adults would applaud. Unless it was those adults that wanted us to play outside in a thunderstorm. But generally, if we were in our rooms reading, we weren't buying drugs or annoying our parents… Continue reading 4 Dark Books for Nostalgic 90s Kids

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#BookReview – The Watcher of the Night Sky by Rachel Pudsey

Blurb "Abigail Crumble lives a quiet life in a simple village. And she likes it that way. Yet, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Abigail makes the biggest mistake of her life. She wishes on the stars for love without knowing the full impact of her words.   Abigail soon finds her life in… Continue reading #BookReview – The Watcher of the Night Sky by Rachel Pudsey

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My Top 6 Authors of 2018

This was going to be a top 5 list, but I've read so many fantastic indie authors this year that I had to make it 6. The indie publishing world is chock full of talent and I'm so lucky to have read their work this past year. A big thank you to Priyasha who has… Continue reading My Top 6 Authors of 2018

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#BookReview – Flower Shields by C.A. King

Blurb "Meet the four horsemen: Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael. For centuries their sole purpose has been guarding the sealed gates to hell. Without keys, there was never any real threat. That was about to change... Michael couldn't care less about the love story behind how and why the world was created. In fact, nothing… Continue reading #BookReview – Flower Shields by C.A. King

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#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Travel Agent

Supernaturals and humans have a few things in common and this is one of them: they love to travel. No guesses as to who is using teleportation circles instead of EasyJet. Adios, airport security! So, as all-powerful and sunhat toting supernaturals, why do we need a supernatural travel agent? What can they tell us that… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Travel Agent