Book Review Policy

What We Review

The Secret Library book reviews provide honest feedback on books in the genres of fantasy, urban fantasy, supernatural, and paranormal. Anything with magic in is a winner!

Rating System

The Secret Library book review policy follows the traditional 1-5 star rating system:

  • 5 stars – Excellent read.
  • 4 stars – Good read.
  • 3 stars – Average read.
  • 2 stars – Not a good read.
  • 1 star – Awful read.


All ratings and reviews are the opinion of myself and The Secret Library mascot: Fin, the baby dragon. (It isn’t often we disagree.)baby dragon transparent.png

Fin’s Seal of Approval

Any books receiving a five star rating will be stamped with Fin’s seal of approval: The Secret Library Recommended Read seal. It’s the highest honour a baby dragon can give!

TheSecretLibrary (1).jpg

Submitting Your Book

Me and Fin welcome book review requests. If you’d like to submit your book for review, send your request to us via the e-mail address on the Contact page.

Before you submit, please make sure your book adheres to the guidelines:

  • The book must fall under the fantasy, urban fantasy, and supernatural genres OR otherwise have elements of magic involved in the story.
  • The book must be under $3 in e-book format on Amazon.
  • Real names must be given in addition to pen names.

Books could take up to 3 months to review, but this time frame is subject to change depending on demand.