Book Review Policy

Submitting Your Book

I’m always looking for new books to read and welcome book review requests for books in almost any format: e-book, paperback and hardback (for which I will love you forever), but I don’t accept audiobooks. Audible has given me the run-around enough.

All reviews are free.

Genres I read:

  • Magic realism
  • Paranormal/supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Time travel
  • Mythology
  • Non-fiction (must have magic/supernatural themes)

I’ll especially love to read them if they include protagonists that are typically underrepresented in literature today e.g. LGBT, POC etc.

Send all book review requests to with the subject header “REVIEW REQUEST.” Please include the book title, author, publisher (if applicable), synopsis, publication date and Goodreads page in your e-mail.


Rating System

Yup, I use stars. You love them, I love them.

  • 5 stars – I am now a super-fan. 5 stars means I loved the book and will probably stalk your author profiles for new releases. You are also eligible for The Secret Library Recommended Reads seal.
  • 4 stars – Big likes. Good character arcs and development, solid plot and immersive reading. Minimal errors.
  • 3 stars – So-so. Enjoyable read but has several minor issues such as grammatical errors, formatting problems etc.
  • 2 stars – Big problems. Wooden characters, stale plot and bad dialogue.
  • 1 star – Facepalm. 
  • DNF – Did not finish.


Seal of Approval

Any books receiving a five star rating will be given The Secret Library Recommended Read seal to display as you see fit.

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