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I’m not just a book blogger – I’m an author, too!

I write urban fantasy romance books with the goal of becoming a full-time author one day. My books tend to have strong, female leads, a touch of romance and loads of magic!

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Scorpio’s Grace has a special place in my heart because it’s my debut novel. It follows Freya, a druid who has spent the last twelve years on the run from the country’s biggest black market power-trafficker. Now he wants her back and Freya is forced to turn to Elijah, her first and only love, for help.

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My second full-length novel, A Druid’s Secret is also a very special book to me. This is the book that helped me achieve the status of USA Today Bestselling Author! (Still have trouble believing that’s the case!)

A Druid’s Secret follows Tabatha Blackwood, a druid who can’t cast a spell or brew a potion to save her life. When she enrolls at Olkaster Academy, she hopes to finally become a good druid. But almost as soon as she gets to Olkaster, Tabatha’s powers start to get her into trouble. When she stumbles across the headquarters of a powerful secret society, Tabatha realises that Olkaster’s best hidden secrets are also it’s darkest.

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The Witch’s Touch is the first short story I ever published back in 2018. Back then, I had no idea if my writing was worth publishing and this story set me on the path to finally releasing Scorpio’s Grace a year and a half later.

The Witch’s Touch follows witch Amanda and demon Leona as they become prime suspects in the case of disappearing criminals. Little do the detectives investigating them know the magical secret they have stumbled across…

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Scorpio’s Virtue – Coming Soon!

The sequel to Scorpio’s Grace is coming very soon! Watch this space!