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The Blue Devil – Book Review

Title: The Blue Devil Author: Quirah Casey Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Five stars ** Gratuitous violence and cursing throughout ** ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **   "Dead bodies have been turning up in Lobrooke, and they have Blue’s name written on them…literally. A ruthless… Continue reading The Blue Devil – Book Review

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Club Frenzy – Book Review

Title: Club Frenzy Author: Jade Thorn Genre: Paranormal romance Rating: Four stars ** This book is recommended for readers 18+ **   "Club Frenzy is a licensed vampire feeding bar. You can go there for the night of your life, or for the start of a new lifetime. Follow the story of three young women… Continue reading Club Frenzy – Book Review

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A Grave Death – Book Review

Title: A Grave Death Author: Victoria DeLuis Genre: Urban fantasy/magical horror Rating: Five stars **Beware the spoilers!**   "As an agent for the Independent Necromancers' Bureau, it's Cassie's job to deal with zombies, catch and remove unwanted ghosts, and track down rogue necromancers. Operating out of Cardiff, one of the most magical cities in the… Continue reading A Grave Death – Book Review

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Broken Dreams – Book Review

Title: Broken Dreams Author: Charlotte Brice Genre: Paranormal romance/reverse harem Rating: Four stars ** This book contains sexual elements throughout **     "When Heather finds her memories suddenly gone, she is alone and being chased. That is until four handsome strangers come to her rescue and invite her into their home and their lives.… Continue reading Broken Dreams – Book Review

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Veritas’ Ark – Book Review

Title: Veritas' Ark Author: Jo Seysener Genre: Fantasy/Dystopia Rating: Five stars     "Veritas lives in a lush, utopian world - and hates it. Tucked away in her Greenhouse built by the enigmatic Jase who warns her against anything extreme, she begins to experiment. Centuries before, the planet rebelled against humanity and destroyed all but… Continue reading Veritas’ Ark – Book Review